Our Mission:

Making Neuroscience Accessible to General Public 

What we do

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Public conferences

Inviting the curious minds of the community to talks given by graduate students on their research

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Presentation videos

Making the presentations available online to accommodate all learners anytime and anywhere

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Speaker training

Training the graduate students to deliver effective presentations to the public audiences

Meet our team

We are a neuroscience outreach initiative founded by graduate students in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University.

We are currently managed by graduate students in McGill University and Université de Montréal.

Hilary Sweatman

Lovatiana Andriamboavonjy, MD
Event Coordinator

Hiba Daghar
Event Coordinator

Mathias Guayasamin
Speaker Coordinator

This is a picture of Simon Hua, the finance officer of NeuroLingo

Simon Hua
Finance Officer

Nicole Dranitsaris
External Events Coordinator

Jeong Ung Song
Communications Officer

Madhura Lotlikar
Operations Officer

Hyo Min Lee
Founder/ Editor

Speaker trainers

Adrien Peyrache, PhD
Speaker Trainer

Past members & trainers

This is a picture of Hannah Jin, the co-founder of NeuroLingo

Hannah Jin
Winter 2020 - Fall 2021

This is a picture of Alice Morgunova, the co-founder of NeuroLingo

Alice Morgunova
Winter 2020 - Fall 2021

Annika Traa
Event Coordinator
Spring 2021 - Spring 2022

This is a picture of Yuting Zhang, the communications officer of NeuroLingo

Yuting Zhang
Graphic Designer,
Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Jimmy Hernandez
Event Coordinator
Winter 2021 - Spring 2022

Maria Haddad
Bilingual officer,
Summer 2021- Fall 2022

Michel Rochon
Speaker Trainer
UQAM, Institut du Nouveau Monde & L'actualité 

Marion Van Horn, PhD
Speaker Trainer

This is a picture of doctor Edward Ruthazer, a faculty advisor and speaker trainer for NeuroLingo

Edward Ruthazer, PhD
Faculty Advisor & Speaker Trainer

This is a picture of Nicholas Belliveau, the speaker trainer of NeuroLingo
This is a picture of doctor David Ragsdale, a faculty advisor and speaker trainer for NeuroLingo

David Ragsdale, PhD
Faculty Advisor & Speaker Trainer

Nathalie Arbour, PhD
Speaker Trainer

Jason da Silva Castanheira
Graphic Designer
Spring 2022 - Winter 2022

Public events

Future events

NeuroLingo Spring 2024 Edition

Grande Bibliothèque de BAnQ  | TBA

Past events

NeuroLingo Spring 2023 Edition

Grande Bibliothèque de BAnQ  | May 6th, 2023

11AM- 1PM

NeuroLingo Fall 2022 Edition

Grande Bibliothèque de BAnQ  | Nov 26, 2022

2PM- 4PM

NeuroLingo Spring 2022 Edition

YouTube | May 21, 2022

English talks at 11 AM & French talks at 1 PM

Neural Plasticity

by Arsenii Prozorov

Rare disorder

by Hiba Dagar


by Sophie Simard

Drug use in adolescence

by Stephanie Coronado-Montaya

NeuroLingo Summer 2021

YouTube | August 14, 2021 2 - 4 PM


by Shaima Alsuwaidi

Brain Development

by Marion Van Horn

Child Abuse and Suicide

by Claudia Belliveau

La maltraitance des enfants et le suicide

by Claudia Belliveau

Learning and Memory

by Riya Thomas

The genetics of language

by Gabriel Blanco Gomez

La génétique du langage

by Gabriel Blanco Gomez

Depression and Schizophrenia 

by Candice Canonne

Dépression et schizophrénie

Personlized Brain Activity

by Jason Da Silva Castanheira

Alzheimer's Disease

by Yara Yakoub

NeuroLingo Winter 2021

YouTube | Feb. 20, 2021, 2 - 4 pm

This is a picture announcing a Public Neuroscience Conference, which was livestreamed on February 20, 2021. You can click on the image to watch the conference again. Here are the eight speakers that participated in the conference, and the research topic they presented, from left to right: Claire Honda, language processing; Christina Popescu, drugs in the brain; Sarah Lépine, neurodegeneration; Don Nguyen, cochlear implants; Liam O'Leary, suicide and depression; Theresa Degenhard, brain tumours; Edith Chung, vision science; and Tommy Markopoulos, psychedelic therapy.

Cochlear Implants

by Don Nguyen

Brain Tumours

by Theresa Degenhard

Psychedelic Therapy

by Tommy Markopoulos

Depression and Suicide

by Liam O’Leary

Drugs in the Brain

by Christina Popescu

Language Processing

by Claire Honda

The secret of mouse vision in visual sciences

by Edith Chung


by Sarah Lépine

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