What we do

This is an image depicting a public conference. The image is blurred, but we can see a speaker on stage, and a crowd. The image is tinted blue

Public conferences

Inviting the curious minds of the community to talks given by graduate students on their research

This image is a close-up of a camera which is recording an event

Presentation videos

Making the presentations available online to accommodate all learners anytime and anywhere

This is an image of a classroom

Speaker training

Training the graduate students to deliver effective presentations to the public audiences

Who we are

We are a neuroscience outreach initiative founded and managed by graduate students in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University.

Our vision is to create an interactive space where community members of any background can learn about current neuroscience research.

Proudly supported by

This is the logo of the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital. To the left, there is a doodle of a neuron in light blue. To the right of the neuron, the word Neuro is written in purple, in big lowercase letters. Under it, the name of the hospital is written. Under the name of the hospital, the words Tanenbaum Open Science Institute are written
In the left of this image, there is the logo of McGill University. To the right of the logo, the words Integrated Program in Neuroscience are written in light gray
This is the logo of the Douglas foundation. The word Douglas is written in dark blue cursive letters. Under it, in smaller letters, the words Foundation is written in French and in English
This is the logo of the Graduate Students' Association for Neuroscience. To the left, there is a drawing of a synapse, in red. To the right, the letters G S A N are written in black.