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Past Events

NeuroLingo Summer 2021

YouTube | August 14, 2021 2 - 4 PM

NeuroLingo Winter 2021

YouTube | Feb. 20, 2021, 2 - 4 pm

This is a picture announcing a Public Neuroscience Conference, which was livestreamed on February 20, 2021. You can click on the image to watch the conference again. Here are the eight speakers that participated in the conference, and the research topic they presented, from left to right: Claire Honda, language processing; Christina Popescu, drugs in the brain; Sarah Lépine, neurodegeneration; Don Nguyen, cochlear implants; Liam O'Leary, suicide and depression; Theresa Degenhard, brain tumours; Edith Chung, vision science; and Tommy Markopoulos, psychedelic therapy.