NeuroLingo Summer 2021

This is a picture announcing a Public Neuroscience Conference, which was livestreamed on August 14, 2021. Here are the eight speakers that participated in the conference, and the research topic they presented, from left to right: Shaima Alsuwaidi, Immunodeficiency and Brain; Marion Van Horn, Brain Development and Early Life; Claudia Belliveau, Child Abuse and Suicide; Riya Thomas, Learning and Memory; Gabriel Blanco Gomez, Language Acquisition Gene; Candice Canonne, Depression and Schizophrenia; Jason Da Silva Castanheira, Brain Activity Fingerprint; and Yara Yakoub, Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers.

Check out our past talks below!

Using stem cells to study neurological abnormalities in immunodeciency

by Shaima Alsuwaidi

Wiring the brain with experiences

by Marion Van Horn

Child abuse impacts the brain of depressed suicides

by Claudia Belliveau

Video in French:

Blood and imaging biomarkers in early Alzheimer’s disease

by Riya Thomas

Uncovering the genetic basis of language acquisition and neurodevelopment

by Gabriel Blanco Gomez

Video in French:

Von Economo neurons in depression and schizophrenia

by Candice Canonne

Video in French:

Individual identification from brain activity

by Jason Da Silva Castanheira

Molecular basis of learning in the cerebellum

by Yara Yakoub